Red Valve: Pinch Valves, Check Valves, Expansion Joints, Pressure Sensors

Red Valve has set the standard for solving the world’s toughest flow control challenges through unmatched elastomer design and manufacturing experience. Red Valve is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations with proven, creative, high-value solutions.

Red Valve products are designed to handle the toughest flow applications in:
  • Power Plants – FGD Systems, Scrubber Systems, Coal Handling
  • Mining Facilities – Tailings, Flotation Control, Thickener Underflow Lines, Numerous Other Slurry Applications
  • Chemical Processes – Corrosive and Abrasive Materials, Powders, Pellets
  • Pulp & Paper Mills – Sludge Handling, Grit Removal, Lime, Carbon Slurry
  • Bulk Materials - Food, Cement, Sand, Glass
  • Industrial Treatment Plants

Process Control Solutions
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