Hy-Lok Instrument Valve and Fitting Fluid Compatibility Guide

Hy-Lok Instrument Valve and Fitting
This guide represents the chemical resistance of the raw materials used to manufacture products by the Hy-Lok Corporation. In general, media characteristics like temperature fluctuation, concentration, high velocity and abrasion will affect corrosion rating. Before applying this guide, many factors that may affect the compatibility ratings should be considered, and users should test under their own operating conditions to determine which materials can be used.

The Fluid Compatibility Guide provides a rating of compatibility of common metals and elastomers to various chemicals and compounds found in industry. The Hy-Lok Corporation Guide contains data assembled from a variety of sources within the metal and chemical industry. However, due to variations in each user application, we do not make any direct or implied warranty as to any specific use or application based upon the performance of any material in this guide. This guide is for reference only and Hy-Lok Corporation is not responsible for the accuracy of the information therein.

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